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Thursday, 12th May 2011

The Lake District Holocaust Project

Windermere Library, Ellerthwaite, Windermere LA23 2AJ Tel: 01539 462400

Current exhibitions:

From Auschwitz to Ambleside

Thursday, 12th May 2011

Travellers Aid Trust


Big or Divided Society Interim Report

Wednesday, 11th May 2011

Are You Ready For Your Screen Test? The Results


Wednesday, 11th May 2011

The Cumbria LGBT Consortium and

OuTreAcH CumbriA

Are hosting their 4th LGBT Forum on: -

Saturday 2 July 2011 at Carlisle Enterprise Centre, James St, Carlisle, CA2 5BB from 10am to 3pm

Wednesday, 11th May 2011

North West Trans Listings Newsletter – May 2011


Please email any information which you would like to be included in future issues to

Sunday, 24th April 2011

The Guardian, 15 April 2011

You go on a date. Pizza leads to crêpe, which leads to a nice pub you go to regularly. It's all going so well a second date is agreed before dinner is over.

Sunday, 24th April 2011

Are you ready for your Screen Test?

Sunday, 24th April 2011

Bishop advocates Faith Schools

should stop Religious Selection

Sunday, 24th April 2011

Multi-Faith Leaders support right to demonstrate personal faith


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