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Cumbria Community Integration Project




What is "Integration"?

What does it look like in your community?




      Strengthening Communities

- Improving community cohesion by building links with migrants and local communities.


- Promoting interfaith harmony by organising visits to local mosques and other places of worship.

- Developing a Local Integration Plan for diverse communities living in Carlisle and South Lakeland.

- Reducing language and employability barriers through English Language support for migrants.  




Improving Access to Services

- Delivering cultural awareness workshops with local schools through CDEC

- Supporting schools with pupils learning English as an additional language (EAL)

- Working alongside families based on Early Help interventions   

- Recruiting volunteers through Cumbria CVS to provide language support




English Language Support


The Cumbria Community Integration Project aims to strengthen communitiesimprove access to services and empower the voices of black and minority ethnic communities in Cumbria. What better way to empower a voice than to give them a language they can communicate in?


We are looking for volunteers to provide language support for individuals from ethnic minority groups in Cumbria. It might be:

- A child struggling to keep up with the language in the classroom

- A parent struggling to communicate with the school and other parents

- An individual who feels isolated because they don’t have the confidence to speak English

Help individuals to feel empowered to engage with communities around them and build their confidence to access public services equitably.


If you would like to get involved or know someone who would benefit from additional language support please contact Nicole Cottingham:    07501942287    01228 511115