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Actionnaires Activity Group for Visually Impaired Young People in Cumbria

Actionnaires in Cumbria Activity Group for Visually Impaired Young People

Action For Blind People 09.12

Actionnaires in Cumbria is an activity club aimed at visually impaired 4-16 year olds. We offer a variety of activities around the county to suit a range of children and young people’s needs.

Shadow Health & Wellbeing World: 3rd Sector Representative Applications by 27 July 2012

New Health and Wellbeing Board kick starts shadow year

NHS Crop Logo

Cumbria’s new Health and Wellbeing Board (CHW) was launched on Friday, April 27, to help improve the health of the population in the county as the transfer of responsibility for a range of public health services moves from NHS Cumbria to Cumbria County Council.


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