Faith & Fire Partnership between

Fire Service & Faith Communities

 Buddhist Faith & Fire 04.14

Faith and Fire is a partnership between CFOA Chief Fire Officers Association, FRS Fire and Rescue Services and faith communities to develop mutual respect. It also increases the awareness of faiths to FRS staff and volunteers.

Faith and Fire is led by Fire Officer Daryl Oprey (CFOA Chief Fire Officers Association Lead on Equality and Diversity). He is assisted by Jacquetta Gomes Bodhicarini Upasika Jayasili in her role as Advisor on Interfaith and Multifaith to Fire Officer Daryl Oprey CFOA Chief Fire Officers Association Lead on Equality & Diversity and CFOA Equality and Diversity Group.

Jacquetta Gomes spoke on Faith and Fire, at the BUILDING A BRIDGE THROUGH SPIRITUAL FRIENDSHIP

Conference of Buddhist Chaplains from the UK and US, held at Balliol College, Oxford University on 15th and 16th March 2014.

The event provided a unique opportunity to share experience between two different parts of the Buddhist world on how each have started to develop Buddhist Chaplaincy, and on its benefits to both chaplains and to those receiving Buddhist Chaplaincy support and ministry. The overall aim was to forge a collegial and spiritual relationship between UK and US Buddhist chaplains and chaplain communities.

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