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Questionnaire to map Drug Prevention Services for Ethnic Minorities, Migrants & Immigrants


I've been asked to bring your attention to a piece of work that the EMCDDA are doing to to map and provide a typology of drug prevention services for ethnic minorities, migrants and imigrants.

If you are, or have provided a prevention intervention that might be of interest to the Centre you are asked to fill out a questionnaire - if you know of someone else then please do pass it on.

The EMCDDA explain:

the information available on prevention services for ethnic minorities/migrants/immigrants and also on the operation and content of their interventions is patchy and incomplete. As a consequence, it is hard to assess how services for these vulnerable groups respond to their needs.

Prevention services to be included in the project are those that:

  • are current or did not end earlier than 2010;
  • have been delivered at more than 3 sessions/events and lasted for more than 2 weeks; and
  • are interpersonal interventions – that is, they do not consist ONLY of a drugs information and awareness-raising campaign or leaflet distribution.

Download the questionnaire here.

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