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Greater Manchester BME & Refugee Groups Training Bursary for 'Organisational Development'


Greater Manchester BME & Refugee Groups Training Bursary for 'Organisational Development'


As we have had several enquries to the training bursary and how this has supported some organisations who have taken the opportunity from this, we are pleased to announce that we are making available further funding to support BME/RCO organisations across Greater Manchester. Previous organisations that have applied will not not be eligible, however organisations that have not yet applied, you now have the opportunity to access this.

I want to clarify the requirements of the bursary is for the purpose of 'organisational development'. The training bursary we are providing is specifically for BME (Black & Minority Ethnic) and Refugee groups to access. These could include topics such as Marketing, Strategic planning, Social Media, Fundraising, Book Keeping. These are the kind of topics that will help you increase the knowledge and skills to enable your organisation to develop further.

Please see the link below for the application form and current training taking place across the region.

Please note that we can fully/partly fund courses and sessions up to the value of £200.

This will be on a first come first serve basis.

Please contact me if you have any further questions or would like to discuss your training requirements.

Kind Regards,

Hakeel Qureshi.

Greater Manchester BME Network

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