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Kitchen Garden


The Kitchen Garden project was born in collaboration with Brockhole on Windermere and was supposed to take place in the gardens of the Lake District visitor centre.

Due to COVID-19 we moved the project online, while we waited for the centre to reopen.


Our main goals were to design an activity that could be done in the confined space of a home (and garden, in a few cases) and to harness the benefits of growing and caring for plants in order to support a good mental health environment in a time of crisis.


We learned together how to re-grow edible plants from vegetable scraps; we collected the seeds we would usually discard, from vegetables that we had in the house and planted them; we found out how to cultivate microgreens in the house; we explored how, what and when to forage for edible plants; we discovered the medicinal properties of local plants; we shared recipes and recorded cooking demonstrations.


We also kept virtually taking a peek into the Brockhole Gardens, thanks to the Head Gardener Iain Turnbull, who took us on regular virtual tours and showed us the progress of the blooming and harvesting of the seeds planted at the beginning of the project.

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